Growing Guide

Carrot (Little Fingers)

Daucus carota

Little Finger Carrots are quick maturing, extremely sweet, gourmet miniature carrots with 4in cylindrical blunt tipped roots with very little core. Easy and quick to grow and can be planted densely, ideal for smaller spaces.

Dig or till the carrot bed when the soil is on the dry side to avoid making lumps. Work the soil to a fine texture 15-25cm (4-6 in.) deep to allow the carrot roots to grow long and shapely.

Sow seed thinly in rows Mar – Jul, 1cm (1/2 in.) deep, 23-30cm (9-12 in.) between the rows as soon as the danger of hard frost has passed. Try to get about 4 seeds per 2cm (1 in.). Thin to 2in between carrots when large enough to handle.

Top Tips:

  • Avoid freshly-manured soil, which may produce hairy, rough roots and will cause forks and splits;
  • Dispose of thinned seedlings to avoid attracting Carrot Fly.

Companion planting: alternate rows with alliums (onions, leeks, chives, spring onions). This will help deter carrot fly.

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